Personal Information Protection Policy
Obusedo Corporation (Obusedo, from here on) believes that recognizing the importance of combatting the growing trend of information security problems while conducting business is our societal obligation.
Here at Obusedo, we consider the standpoint of the customers who use our products and services and the companies we do business with, and in order to be a business which values the trust of the customer, we believe it is important to provide proper protection for and management of the personal information of our customers and employees. In order to do that, Obusedo has the following policy for protecting personal information, and strives to thoroughly plan and execute it for all employees including executives, workers, temporary workers, and part-time workers.

  1. At Obusedo, along with established company regulations for the proper gathering, use, and supplying of personal information, we also adhere to detailed rules concerning the handling of such information.
  2. In order to prevent illegal access to, loss, destruction, falsification, or leakage of personal data, Obusedo performs preventative monitoring on its business and systems and quickly corrects the rare problem that may occur.
  3. Obusedo adheres to all laws, regulations, and other standards concerning personal information.
  4. As part of a compliance program, Obusedo undergoes periodic inspections and reviews by the Representative Director, and is continually making improvements.

About Handling Personal Information
In the event of ordering chestnut confections from us or applying for any of our services, please be sure to first read and confirm our policies of handling your personal information, written below.

Purpose of collecting and using personal data

  1. Receiving orders, processing sales, and shipping for all our sales services.
  2. Administration for other services.
  3. Guides for services and goods from us and the group companies (Masuichi-Ichimura Sake Brewery, Bunkajigyobu Corporation, Shukei Jigyo Corporation).

About keeping and using personal information

  1. Your personal information will be managed with the utmost discretion and will be maintained in an accurate and up-to-date state within necessary limits. Also we execute rigorous security measures to prevent illegal outside access, loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of personal information.
  2. In the case that the personal information entrusted to us is shared with the group companies (Masuichi-Ichimura Sake Brewery, Bunkajigyobu Corporation, Shukei Jigyo Corporation), the usage will be limited by the range of the "Purpose of collecting and using personal data" section above, and will only be given out after signing a contract.
  3. In the case that we assign the management of our homepage and the shipping of merchandise to outside groups, we will only provide them with the personal information after they sign a contract to keep the information classified.

Disclosing - Revising - Deleting personal information

  1. If someone desires to have their personal information disclosed, revised, added to, or deleted, please fill out and submit the following request form. After confirming that it is the correct information it will be disclosed based on the request.
  2. If any of the disclosed information is in error or needs addition, we will make the necessary corrections as quickly as possible.
  3. If the customer requests the termination of use or deletion of their personal information, we will carry it out as quickly as possible.

Request for Disclosure of Personal Information (PDF) >> Download (Currently Japanese-only)

Concerning disclosure and revision, consultation and grievances about personal information
For questions, concerns, and requests for disclosure of your personal information, please refer below.

Contact for questions concerning personal information
Obusedo Corporation Personal Information Inquiries
TEL: 026-247-2027 FAX: 026-247-5345

ISMS Policy
For the sake of our management principle "Carry on the history and culture of Obuse and pass it on to the next generation" we seek and must maintain quality of "flavor," "townscape" and "service." In other words, we seek to provide the customer with safety, peace of mind and enjoyment.

In order to provide the customer with enjoyment, there is a need to apply the customer's information and information resources possessed by Obusedo as well as protect it from all threats. Managing these information lifecycles is the cornerstone of our way of providing the customer with safety and peace of mind.

Therefore, as a policy of appropriately protecting information resources from threats to information security, an "information security policy" was decided on and set as a comprehensive regulation for information management. Herewith, for all employees including top management to appropriately maintain and manage information resources, the contents of the information security documentation will be thoroughly learned and adhered to, and will be set up as stated below.

  1. In order to guarantee the confidentiality, availability and completeness of all information resources, beginning with the customer's information at every stage from collection through disposal, handling methods are stipulated as company regulations, and careful attention will be payed to them.
  2. By the proper understanding and accurate application of information security management systems by all associated employees, conformation to all laws and security obligations concerning the contract between Obusedo and the customer will be made certain.
  3. In order to ensure societal trust of our businesses, people responsible for information security management will be designated as an organization to promote information management systems. Furthermore, risk evaluation standards for information security will be established, company-wide ISMS will be established, aiming to lower risks through continuous risk evaluation, reviews will be conducted, and maintenance and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of management systems will be promoted.

Date of Declaration: February 2, 2006
Date of Revision: August 3, 2007
Obusedo Corporation
Representative Director and President Tsugio Ichimura

For questions concerning ISMS
Obusedo Corporation ISMS Inquiries
TEL: 026-247-2027 FAX: 026-247-5345