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Kurihana (All-year)

A fresh chestnut confection reminiscent of the chestnut trees that bloom in Obuse in the early summer.

9 pcs. 864yen (tax included)
Best before 7 days after production

Kuri Mushi (All year)

Boiled chestnuts are mixed into carefully-kneaded kuri an and made into a mildly-sweet confection. Enjoy its chestnut flavor and springy texture.

1 pc. 1,026yen (tax included)
Best before 10 days after production

Kuri Kintsuba (All-year)

Kneaded kuri an is wrapped in a thin skin made from refined rice flour. Enjoy this confection from Obuse, the village of chestnuts.

4 pcs. 1,080yen (tax included)
Best before 4 days after production

Kuri An Kuzukiri
(April - October)

A cool and refreshing soup made with arrowroot noodles and smooth kuri an. Served when the fresh green of spring begins to sprout.

No takeout

Aotake Mizu Kuri Yokan
(May - September)

Filled with the summery fragrances of chestnuts and fresh green bamboo. This refreshing confection is only available in the summer.

1 pc. 432yen (tax included)
5 pcs. 2,222yen (tax included)
Best before 3 days after production

Suzaku (Mid September - Mid October)

Steamed chestnuts are strained and served on top of kuri an. This ultimate chestnut confection is only available in the village of chestnuts and only during the cnestnut season. This confection is made from pure chestnuts with no added sugar.

No takeout

Ichida (November - March)

Ichida was a brand of dried persimmon popular in the Edo period. Kuri an is wrapped in locally-grown purple rice and made to look like Ichida persimmons.

3 pcs. 972yen (tax included)
5 pcs. 1,620yen (tax included)
Best before 2 days after production