1. Which items are popular as souvenirs?

"Kuri Kanoko Yokan," which is chestnut yokan containing whole chestnuts and "Kuri Kanoko" made with pure kuri an are popular.
The freely-customizable "Kuri no Komichi" assortment is also a popular souvenir.

2. Which confections may only be purchased at the Obusedo Honten store?

Fresh chestnut confections, "Kuri Kasse," "Kuri Kintsuba" and "Ichida" are prepared after a reservation is placed (before 2:00 PM the previous day) and sold at Honten or San Poo Loh.

3. What is Rakugan?

A pressed confection made from Hokkaido-grown red bean powder mixed with top-quality sugar.
This refined flavor is enjoyed by all, young and old.

4. Are there any less sweet confections?

"Mizu Kuri Yokan" is less sweet, and has a plain refreshing taste popular with men as well.
"Rakugan" has a faint sweetness, and since long ago has been said to go well with tea.

5. Is there chestnut cake or any Western confections?

Obusedo only sells Japanese confections like yokan, kanoko, and rakugan.

6. Do you serve Kuri Okowa?

It is served year-round at The Club.
At Honten it is only served in October. Chestnut rice is served in September.
However, it is not sold as a souvenir.

7. Can I purchase Obusedo chestnut confections without going to Obuse?

Yes. Orders can be made at local department stores, over the internet or by phone or fax.

8. What is kuri an?

First, freshly-gathered chestnuts are steamed and removed from their shells.
Then they are then strained, mixed with sugar and processed at high temperature to make kuri an.

9. What is kuri mitsu?

Unlike with kuri an, fresh chestnuts have their shells removed by hand and are slowly boiled in sugar.