Obusedo.com recognizes the customers' concerns about the usage and sharing of their personal information as well as the trust that we will take the greatest care in the handling of personal information, so we are very careful to maintain our customers' privacy and protect their personal information. Here, the privacy policy of Obusedo.com will be explained. It is assumed that when using Obusedo.com you are agreeing with this policy.

The contents of these views regarding privacy are applicable when the customer accesses Obusedo.com. Please read through them carefully and be sure you understand.

If you access Obusedo.com or send e-mail to Obusedo.com you are engaging in electronic communication with Obusedo.com.
If you are contacted electronically by Obusedo.com then it is agreed upon. Communication from Obusedo.com to the customer will take the form of e-mail or news posted to this site. All agreements, notifications, disclosure of information and so on will be sent to the customer from Obusedo.com via electronic means, but if the customer presents a legal request to have such items in written documentation, then it shall be agreed upon.

All contents of this website (writing, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio clips, downloaded digital media, edited data, software, and so on) are property of Obusedo Corporation or their provider and are protected under national and international copyright laws. The compilation of all contents of this website is the exclusive property of Obusedo Corporation and is protected under national and international copyright laws. All software used in this site is the property of Obusedo Corporation or its provider and is protected under national and international copyright laws. The unauthorized reprinting of information and images presented on this site is strictly prohibited.

"Obusedo.com" as well as the trademarks on this site are nationally-registered trademarks of Obusedo Corporation. All graphics, logos, page headers, button icons, scripts, and service names are either trademarks or trade dresses of Obusedo Corporation. Trademarks and trade dresses of Obusedo.com may not be used with products or services not affiliated with Obusedo.com in a way that would cause the customers confusion or damage the honor or integrity of Obusedo.com. All trademarks displayed on this website not belonging to Obusedo Corporation or its subsidiaries are property of their respective owners, whether or not they are partnered with, affiliated with, or being supported by Obusedo Corporation.

Obusedo.com allows access to this website under the condition that no contents are downloaded (with the exception of the cache) or changed except for personal use or with explicit written permission. This permission does not allow for the use of this site or its contents for reselling or commercial purposes, the use of product lists, descriptions, or prices, secondary use of this site or its contents, or the downloading or copying of account information for other companies, data mining, or the use of data collecting/extracting bots. The contents of this site may not be duplicated, copied, sold, resold, accessed, and such for commercial purposes without explicit written permission. Trademarks, logos, as well as the exclusive information of its partners (including images, text, page layout, and forms), may not be used in frames or taken with frame techniques without explicit written permission. Obusedo.com's name and trademarks, as well as meta-tags and non-displayed text, may not be used without explicit written permission from Obusedo.com. In the case that these are used without permission, then permission to use Obusedo.com as well as Obusedo.com's consent will be terminated. As long as Obusedo.com or its partners' products and services are not expressed in an unpleasant way, a dishonest method that invites misunderstanding, or a way which damages the honor of Obusedo.com or its partners, the right to link to the Obusedo.com homepage is allowed with the condition that it may be revoked. Obusedo.com's logo or other graphics and trademarks which fall under its property rights may not be used as part of a link without explicit written permission.

In the case of ordering items from Obusedo.com, the request from the customer is regarded as an application for a purchasing contract to this site. A "Obusedo.com Request Confirmation" mail in which is entered confirmation of the request as well as its contents will be sent from this site, but the agreement to the customer's contract application is considered completed once the "Obusedo.com Request Shipment" mail is sent from this site informing the customer that the ordered goods are being shipped. In the case of ordering multiple items at once, when only one item is listed in the "Obusedo.com Order Request" mail, the contract is not considered complete until separate mails are sent for the other items.

A delivery contract is applied to all items purchased from Obusedo.com. In other words, as soon as the items are handed over to be delivered, the rights as well as risks of loss are transferred to the customer.

Obusedo.com and its partners endeavour to maintain the accuracy of all descriptions of the merchandise on the site. However Obusedo.com cannot guarantee that all the descriptions or other contents on this site will be entirely accurate, complete, reliable, up-to-date, or free of error. In the case that an Obusedo.com product received differs from its description, please return it unused.

The services of this website are presented in the form of the site Obusedo.com. Obusedo.com makes no guarantees, explicity or implicit, about this site's administration or its information, contents, materials, and merchandise. It is explicitly agreed upon that the customers' responsibility is their own while using this site.
As long as Obusedo.com is protected by applicable laws, there are no explicit or implicit guarantees on the compatibility of marketability and special purposes. Obusedo.com can not guarantee that no viruses or other harmful programs will ever propagate from this site, server, or Obusedo.com. Obusedo.com does not hold responsibility for any problems that occur while using this site, whether directly, indirectly, incidently, or punitory.
However, depending on the laws of the customer's region or nation of residence, certain exceptions may apply. In the case of such laws being applied, parts of this disclaimer, or in exceptional cases all of it, will not be applied and the customer gains additional rights.

When using Obusedo.com, regardless of any incompatibilities with national laws, the customer is considered to agree that any and all disputes with Obusedo.com or its partners will be regulated by these terms.

Any and all disputes that occur after accessing Obusedo.com or through purchasing items from Obusedo.com fall under the jurisdiction of the Nagano District Court. However this excludes cases where the customer in some way infringes upon or is accused of infringing upon Obusedo.com's intellectual property rights, Obusedo.com seeks mandatory or appropriate aid from other District Courts excluding Tokyo, and the courts agree that the customer was within his or her jurisdiction. Based on this agreement, disputes will be handled according to national law. There are cases where the arbitrator's ruling is binding, and is considered to be the decision of the court. To the extent that it is allowed by applicable laws, all disputes based on this agreement whether or not there are arbitration proceedings, this will not be applied to disputes related to this agreement which include other people.

For information on Obusedo.com's administration policies, please thoroughly read the documentation on this site about the obtaining of and prices of merchandise. These policies regulate the customer's use of Obusedo.com.
Obusedo.com maintains the right to change this site's policies and terms of use at any time. In the case that a portion of these terms are untrue or invalid and cannot be enforced, it will be considered divisible from the rest of the terms and will not influence their validity or binding power. Welcome to Obusedo.com. Obusedo.com and its affiliates present their services to the customer based on these terms. When a customer uses Obusedo.com or makes a purchase through Obusedo.com, they have agreed to these terms, so please be sure to read them carefully.